5 Essential Hair-Care Rules You Must Follow

How to care for hair? Does the perfect hair-care routine actually exist? Hands down, it must go with your hair type. See the top 5 rules to follow!


5 Essential Hair-Care Rules


You bought a perfect shampoo feat. the best natural substances? Despite getting a top-notch product your hair still doesn’t look its best? The wrong way of washing may be the cause of that. Even though shampooing seems to be a child’s play, the technique you use really matters. This is the basic element of your hair care so put your mind to it: take some shampoo on the palm, thin it with water and then start the massage. Also, remember to focus on the scalp and roots so the shampoo can just trickle on the lengths – that’s enough to freshen them up. Most of you rub the lengths while shampooing, breaking and tugging the hair. Next time you shampoo, let the lather go down the lengths to gently wash them.


A conditioner is made for strengthening, smoothing and making hair look better, and delivering nutrients to slightly nourish the hair. Even though it isn’t as intensive as a hair mask, make sure it contains conditioning ingredients instead of substances that cause damage or dryness. When you shop for the best conditioner, check it for the skin-conditioning ingredients and make sure it’s free from parabens, synthetics and dehydrating substances such as alcohol denat or heavy silicones.


Apart from the choice of shampoo and washing technique, the way of washing the product out matters a lot. Remember not to use hot water for rinsing because only cool water seals the cuticles for super-smooth, shiny strands. That is why hairstylists recommend directing a stream of cold water at the hair for the final rinsing. Have you ever tried it? This isn’t as awful as it sounds. Cold water gives an energy boost, soothes the hair plus it increases blood flow to the scalp sparking the growth of hair by stimulating the follicles.


We all know that heat doesn’t make our hairdos any better. A blow-dryer generates very high temperatures and consequently removes water from the inside of the hair so it causes dryness. As far as flat iron goes, it causes irreversible damage to the inner layers. You can’t fix that. Still, if a dryer is your must-use, try to set a safer temp (40 Celsius degrees tops).


Style your hair like an experienced hairdresser – remember that hair doesn’t like tugging or fine-tooth combs. Get a big wooden comb and gently detangle wet strands from the ends to the roots. This way you avoid knots and breakage.