GLISS KUR Thermo-Protect (Blow-Dry Oil)

Gliss Kur – is a brand with 50 years of tradition, which came to life under the wings of Schwarzkopf cosmetic’s company. They create products, that are expected to help fulfil dream of glossy, soft and healthy hair. All cosmetic lines are matching various hair needs and contain selected active substances.


Thermo-Protect Gliss Kur Blow-Dry Oil is a product based on the Thermo Protect formula. It consists of nine precious beautifying oils, which feather light formula ensures softness and complete hair protection. This product is dedicated for all hair types in need of support prior to stylisation and drying.

In the composition of Gliss Kur Thermo-Protect are nine oils. First of them is sunflower oil and right behind it is argan oil. These two are responsible for nourishment, hydration and strengthening as well as natural protection against high temperatures. What is more, Gliss Kur consists of safflower oil (creates protective layer on hair), perfectly absorbing macadamia oil, gloss providing olive oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil (responsible for nourishment), but also sesame oil and extremely precious rose oil.

Gliss Kur Blow-Dry Oil has in its formula also UV filters, which is to protect hair against harmful sun radiation. However, the same function have oils, so these ingredients are here redundant.

On top of this, preservatives and fragrances with potential irritation causing action, which can sensitise skin.


Gliss Kur Thermo-Protect Blow-Dry Oil is quite runny oil. On one side it is a plus, because it does not weight hair down and is easily absorbed. On the other hand, it is not a full bodied product and it is easy to overdo it. Its sweet, honey fragrance is not particularly intense, yet it remains on hair for some time. The oil itself has intense yellow colour.

Design of this product is not a thing of beauty, but there is not much you should expect from this type of affordable hair oil. Gliss Kur Blow-Dry Oil can be bought in a plastic bottle, slightly flat and narrow towards the upper part. It is convenient to hold, even when it’s greasy. Thoughtful spray form makes application easier and increases its efficiency. The atomiser perfectly spreads oil on hair, without leaving unaesthetic greasy stains.


Gliss Kur Blow-Dry Oil is used always when the stylisation is needed. It should be applied right after hair wash, but before proceeding with stylisation. Towel dry, still damp hair spray with right amount of the cosmetic. However, you must be careful so that oil mist wouldn’t get into the eyes. Spread product carefully and evenly.

Recommended due to:

  • nine natural oils in the composition
  • thermo-protect technology for easier stylisation
  • express absorption in scalp and hair
  • convenient bottle and atomiser
  • focused on hair stylisation
  • sweet honey scent
  • light-weight formula

Advised against due to:

  • potentially unfavourable substances in the composition
  • weak design and packaging quality
  • possibility of eye irritation during the stylisation
  • medium effectiveness