OROFLUIDO Beauty Elixir

Orofluido – is a brand using in hair dyes and hair care products valuable properties of natural oils. The brand belongs to well known Revlon company. Orofluido produces cosmetics that are great alternative for people who want to provide their hair with some luxury. The most popular oil from this brand is Beauty Elixir.


Orofluido Beauty Elixir is an oil for all hair types, that combine within the power of oils with beautifying properties. The cosmetic contains natural oils that ensure incredible smoother and gloss. This hair oil nourishes and moisturises hair from the roots, restores elasticity and vitality. As name indicates, Beauty Elixir is expected to beautify hair and additionally provide them with complex protection against harmful impact of various factors.

Hair oil from Orofluido is based on three natural oils. There is an advantage of argan oil, that holds strong regenerative action. This oil was combined with linseed oil with nourishing properties. However, the most interesting seems to be tigernut oil, that in great way cleanses and tonic hair.

Nonetheless, these are not all ingredients of Orofluido Beauty Elixir. Unfortunately oil consists of potential clogging substances: silicones, dissolvent and antistatic agents. Good thing is that there are not many of them and the formula contains much larger amounts of oils.

It is worth to mention UV filter, that in Orofluido is responsible for protective action.


Hair oil Beauty Elixir from Orofluido is an elegant product. The cosmetic has thick oil texture what disqualifies it as a light oil. In spite of great thickness, Beauty Elixir absorbs well providing hair with shine. Orofluido has very intense scent of vanilla and almond, that may not be considered an advantage by everyone. One like to smell like a sweet cake, and for others it is unacceptable.

Therefore, there is plenty good and bad things that can be said about Orofluido Hair Oil. This golden oil in convenient, glass bottle presents itself definitely luxurious. Unfortunately, the packaging design has nothing in common with practicality. Beauty Elixir has black top without any dispenser. Pouring oil straight on the hand is quite uncomfortable.


Orofluido Original Elixir has no surprising use method. It is expected to be imposed on dry and damp hair. Better checks on damp hair because water facilitates absorption and does not lead to weighting them down. Applying it on dry hair you need to be very careful with the quantity, because thick Beauty Elixir may weight hair down and leave them with unaesthetic greasy layer.

Recommended due to:

  • three precious oils: argan, tigernut, liseed
  • additional UV filter for protection
  • complex beautifying properties
  • dedicated for all hair types
  • vanilla aroma
  • great absorption
  • elegant design and small bottle

Advised against due to:

  • thick formula, that makes application more difficult
  • lack of dispenser
  • possible weighting dry hair down
  • intense and sweet scent
  • potential clogging substances
  • glass, heavy bottle