MATRIX Biolage Exquisite Oil (Tamanu Oil Blend)

Matrix – popular professional brand that creates hair dyes and hair care products used in hair salons worldwide. Matrix Biolage is a part of the revolutionary combination of the forces of nature with the futuristic technology, which gives surprising results on the hair. Exquisite Oil Line proves that beauty secret lies precisely in the natural oils.


Matrix Biolage Tamanu Oil Blend is a strengthening and regenerating oil. This cosmetic was enriched with vegetable oils, that are to provide strengthening for fine and weak hair. Regular use of Biolage Exquisite Tamanu Oil ensures 5 key effects: nourishes hair leading to their strengthening, provides shine, regulates hydration level, smoothers and makes combing easier. It all is a merit of oil complex.

The base ingredient in Matrix Biolage Oil for fine hair is tamanu seed oil, cold pressed from one of the Indian trees. This ingredient is responsible for nourishment, moisture and regeneration of hair, but also holds UV protection properties. Sadly, the entire composition of Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil contains really little of this ingredient.

Beside the only one tamanu oil, Matrix Tamanu Oil Blend composition, unfortunately, consists of many ingredients that can be harmful. You will find here all what should not be in cosmetics for hair: alcohols, silicones (both lighter and heavier), as well as fragrances and, of course, preservatives. The composition is packed with them, which greatly weakens its position.


Matrix Biolage Exquisite Tamanu Oil Blend has quite runny and oily consistency. It translates to better application, because it does not weight hair down and absorbs well without damage to hair. Sadly, it can cause dryness due to content of alcohol in the composition. This hair oil is colourless and has intense floral aroma on alcohol base. Luckily, the aroma evaporates quickly.

Matrix Exquisite Oil Tamanu Oil Blend presents itself curious when it comes to the visual side. It was poured into pink, plastic bottle, that is comfortable to hold. The material used for the packaging ensure the durability of it. Exquisite Tamanu Oil can be applied really easy on hair, because bottle was equipped in small pump.

Both the dispenser and formula significantly improve efficiency.


There is no great surprise here, when it comes to the application of Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil in this version. The cosmetic can be applied three ways: before hair wash for intense regeneration, after hair wash as a stylisation product or on dry hair for intense shine boost and to preserve hair style.

Recommended due to:

  • tamanu seed oil in the composition
  • lightweight formula
  • an interesting design and convenient packaging
  • easy in use pump
  • three different ways to use it
  • dedicated for fine and weak hair

Advised against due to:

  • content of silicones, alcohol and preservatives
  • too intense floral smell
  • potential drying properties on hair