L’OREAL Mythic Oil (Nourishing Oil)

L’Oreal Professionnel Paris – worldwide known brand of professional hair dressing products for colourisation, care and stylisation. Under its umbrella are available unique and modern cosmetics for women and men. This is exactly what hair oil Mythic Oil Line is, where you can find the most popular nourishing oil for all hair types.

loreal-mythic-oil-nourishing-oilProperties /composition

L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil is a cosmetic that is expected to complement deficit of nourishing substances in all hair types. Its main task is complex nourishment, to provide hair with velvety smoother, healthy gloss and elasticity. What’s important is that it can be used for preventive care of healthy hair or for intense regeneration of weak hair.

For such properties of Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil are responsible two oils, that are base for the cosmetic. These are avocado oil rich in vitamin complex (A, B, E, H, K, PP, F) and squalene, that penetrates hair and skin thanks to structure similar to human lipids. Another ingredient is grape seed oil with high content of EFA, vitamin E and nourishing substances essential for hair.

Sadly, Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil contains 2 oils for total 20 ingredients, which means that vast majority are other substances, not necessarily essential to be in the product.

Among many preservatives, alcohols and softening substances.


Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil is entirely colourless and relatively runny as for oil. At first sight you may think that it has golden colour, but that is just the colour of solid, glass bottle. It is worth to mention that Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil has pleasing, delicate perfume scent, which stays on hair for a long time.

The bottle is elegant and very convenient. Nonetheless, for a greasy cosmetics better are plastic bottles, because these are not easy to break. Great plus of the product is its dispenser. The top with pump truly improves cosmetic use, and oil is easy to administer in right amount. The least oil you take, the smaller fear of weighting down or that the streaks will be greasy. Although, L’Oreal Nourishing Oil absorbs really well.


All hair oils in L’Oreal Nourishing Oil Line are used the same way. Due to fact that oil contains plenty of potential harmful substances, it is not suitable for scalp oil treatment. One (maximum two) doses apply on dry or damp hair. Mythic Oil on dry hair helps with stylisation and on damp penetrates and intensively regenerates on the inside and out.

Recommended due to:

  • two natural oils in the composition
  • lightweight formula with great absorption
  • ergonomic bottle with convenient dispenser
  • delicate and pleasing scent
  • nourishing properties
  • complex action

Advised against due to:

  • glass and easy to break bottle
  • advantage of artificial substances in the composition
  • alcohols and preservatives