MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment

Moroccanoil – the brand that was created unexpectedly during the travel, when its founder after failed colourisation discovered the power of argan oil on hair. The motto that became inseparable with the brand is beauty contained in oils. Moroccanoil in its offer has conditioning cosmetic set where the most popular are two hair oils in Oil Treatment Line – for light hair and for all hair types.



Hair oil Moroccanoil Original Treatment was created for all hair types (also sensitive blonde hair, though for them brand developed also another version of the product). Moroccanoil Treatment is a basic hair treatment – regenerates, nourishes, strengthens, provides health, beautifies, makes stylisation easier and rejuvenates hair. Hair oil from this brand in a positive way changes hair.

Moroccanoil Treatment is commonly believed to be the best cosmetic with argan oil in the World, however, this is not its only ingredient. Beside argan oil, Original Oil Treatment contains also ginger root oil, hydrogenous castor oil, lavender flower essential oil (sadly, no good for hair).

The formula of Moroccanoil Treatment was enriched with wheat germ protein. Unfortunately, there is more additional substances than argan oil, which should be here main active substance.

This is not the end of unpleasant surprises. Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment has in its composition a lot of preservatives, clogging substances, alcohols (which according to the label shouldn’t be there) and xanthan gum. It is definitely not the best composition for hair.

Formula/ packaging

Moroccanoil Original Treatment is hair oil with quite runny formula. Such consistency makes application easier and increases cosmetic’s efficiency. It also makes Moroccanoil absorb really well in hair without greasy layer. Oil has golden colour with shades of orange, which was sadly achieved with colourants present in the composition. Original Treatment has very nice smell.

The bottle of Moroccanoil Original Treatment is flat and made of dark glass. It is not convenient and can be easily dropped when hold with greasy hands. Dark glass in theory is expected to protect product against sun radiation. Dosage of hair oil Moroccanoil is performed with attached to the set pipette, that you can switch the top with.


To cover hair with Moroccanoil Original Treatment, 1-2 pumps applied directly on strands are enough. Best this cosmetic works on washed and towel dry hair, applied on the half of the length. Moroccanoil Treatment is suitable for application also on dry hair or as an addition to other cosmetics. In each case, its action is different.

Recommended due to:

  • content of argan, ginger root and castor oil
  • lightweight formula with great absorption
  • addition of wheat germ protein
  • action for all hair types
  • combination of regenerating and beautifying properties
  • pipette dispenser
  • usage both on wet and dry hair

Advised against due to:

  • a lot of redundant substances in the composition
  • presence of alcohol and preservatives
  • necessity of switching the top
  • heavy glass bottle, easy to break
  • not suitable for oiling scalp