DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil (Nourishing Treatment)

Dove – cosmetic brand that is always there to solve problems and serve needs of its consumers. When releasing new products, Dove is following the motto, that femininity is a quality worth taking care of. This way is built consciousness of the body and its needs. It all started with a soap, and today the brand has in its offer also hair oils.



Dove Pure Care Dry Oil hair oil was created for all hair types. Accordingly to the other half of the name, it is nourishing treatment that is based on African macadamia oil. It is expected to provide support for weak hair as well as these prone to dryness or hair loss. After first application Dove Oil, hair become strong, dense, soft, glossy and more elastic. Dove restores hair liveliness and protects them against harmful external factors.

Dove Nourishing Treatment owes its properties most of all to all the oils that are cosmetic’s base. The most important is macadamia nut oil. This oil is one of the most popular vegetable oils in hair care, mostly because of its great absorption. Beside it, Dove Pure Care Dry Oil formula was enriched with five additional natural oils: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, palm oil and pomegranate seed oil with anti-ageing action.

Sadly, oil formula of Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil consists of large amounts of mineral oil and some potential harmful silicones. However, in the face of such a divers composition, this is just small and irrelevant flaw.


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is a labelled hair oil with golden colour. It looks like typical oil formula and it is, but keep in mind that it is still one of the runny hair oils. Nourishing Treatment Pure Care Dry Oil has pleasing scent, that makes application gain new, aromatherapeutic action. Sadly, the aroma evaporates quickly and does not stay on hair for long.

To improve application and avoid messing everything with oil while using, Dove equipped their product in top with an dispenser. Pump administers perfect amount for one use. There is no need for large amounts of oil, because it absorbs immediately, does not weight or cause greasy hair. Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment was placed in a glass bottle with convenient shape. The bottle looks elegant, but is quite heavy and easy to slip out of hands.

Use/ effects

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil can be used few possible ways. Hair oil provides best results if taking 3-4 doses, then spread it on washed, still damp hair at half of their length. It is rather recommended to avoid application on scalp. Oil can be applied also prior to hair wash for nourishment or as an addition to strengthen properties of other cosmetics.

Recommended due to:

  • high content of macadamia oil/li>
  • formula based on natural oils
  • lightweight formula with great absorption
  • pleasing aroma
  • use for all hair types
  • convenient dispenser with pump

Advised against due to:

  • heavy, glass bottle, that can slip out
  • mineral oils and silicones in the composition
  • fast evaporation of the aroma